Dr. Mario founded the DIRECT lab in 2021 and currently has five Ph.D. students, eight Masters students, several undergraduate research assistants, and one high school intern. If you would like to join us, scroll to the bottom.

Meet the team

We value diligent effort, with a healthy dose of fun. If you have an interest in our work, we will find a place for you to apply your knowledge and background.

Autonomous underwater submersible test: June 28, 2022

PhD Students

Kobra Bohlourihajar

Robbie Buck

Zarin Shamma

Huzefe Kocab

Huzeyfe Kocabas is interested in exploring swarm robotics that reduce the overall time of task completion. He is specializing in auction-based approaches.

In his available time, he likes to tinker with various Unix/Linux-based operating systems and look for ways to use those systems more effectively. He also likes to play the first version of Age of Empires, a strategy game from 1997, in his free times (probably not during his Ph.D.

Christopher Allred

Christopher is Christopher, a delicate but complex individual. Much like a French omlette.

Taylor Anderson

Currently is the top of the leaderboard in the DIRECT Lab Super Smash Bros. Nuf sed. Also, not sure why he's in this section.

Masters Students

Carter Bailey

"I enjoy being in the outdoors especially when I can be on my bike. You can sometimes find me in the lab working on code or robots. My research ranges from training machine learned models to creating path planners for specific purposes"


Colton Hill

Johnathan Kunz

Laurel Bingham

Tayler Baker

Ryan Anderson

Brian Callister

Undergraduate Students

Gabe Tonks

Madison Patch

Johnathan Craig

Trey Crowther

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