Dr. Mario teaches several courses related to Lab research.

Software Engineering

Students learn the fundamentals of software engineering principles and practices, including project management, configuration management, requirements definition, system analysis, design, testing, and deployment. This course provides students with hands-on experience in a group software development project.

Robot Intelligence

Students explore the field of robotics through the lens of decision-making algorithms. They examine critical aspects of autonomous systems from a machine learning and data science perspective, with emphasis on sensing, high-level objective planning, motion planning, and human interaction.

Decision Making: Algorithms under uncertainty

This course is designed for students to develop end-to-end tools for decision-making under uncertainty. Key concepts will cover detecting uncertainty, working with little to no data, rapid adaption, and decision-making algorithms in multiple fields (robotics, fintech, economics, sociology). Course material will be applied in real-world projects.

Autonomous Vehicle Intelligence

Special Topics course on fundamentals of intelligent driving behavior for autonomous vehicles. Particularly focusing on EVs with dynamic wireless charging.

Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Systems

Special Topics course on fundamentals of reinforcement learning as applied to autonomous systems.