Decision Intelligence, Robotics, and EleCtrified Transportation Lab

Mission and Purpose

DIRECT Lab strives to improve quality of life by developing intelligent systems capable of assisting humans operating in a complex and uncertain world.

About the Lab

USU’s DIRECT lab covers three categories of research: Decision Intelligence, Robotics, and Electrified Transportation. Founded by Dr. Mario, the lab strives to expand and unite research in applied AI, especially for electrified transportation and autonomous systems. Almost everything we do, we build software: we apply decision intelligence and software development to the other fields. Current research is applied in financial markets, power electronics, transportation infrastructure, human behavior, and robotics. The DIRECT lab also focuses on outreach and providing opportunities for underserved communities to participate in research.

Understanding principles that allow human-like decision making in uncertain environments with limited information

Design of intelligence hierarchy and architectures to quickly learn and adapt on all types of robots

Intelligent clean energy autonomy for transportation, cities, and infrastructure

Building ties to communities and future researchers


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